13 Blessings for Which I'm Thankful

In the United States, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  I’ll be gathering with my extended family to eat too much, laugh joyously, and tell tall tales.  But today, I want to share with you some of the things for which I’m thankful.

1)  I’m thankful for my family.  Especially the ones far away, those I don’t get to see very often.  I’m grateful for the aunts and cousins nearby, with whom I share good news and bad.  They’re the ones I laugh with, and eat with, in celebration of earthly birthdays, heavenly birthdays, holidays, and any other excuse to get together.

2)  I’m thankful for good health.  Or at least, my continuing progress toward my ideal health.

3)  I’m thankful I managed to finish my kitchen renovation.  I’m sending special thanks to my handyman, Sion, who in the  course of the past year, rescued me from that seven-year process.  I love how the space looks and flows, and know I will be happy working in it for years to come.

4)  I’m thankful for opportunities to gather and work with my local writing group.  We’ve gone through some growing pains, but we keep on writing.  And that’s what it’s really all about.

5)  I’m thankful for my critique group.  I know they will hold my feet to the fire, insisting that I continue to give my best effort to everything I write.  No excuses.

6)  I’m thankful for the support our writing group has discovered in the new director of our county library and his enthusiastic, eager attitude to working with authors, and even with those of us who just call ourselves “writers.”

7)  I’m thankful for my editing clients, who allow me to share in their path of creation.

8)  I’m thankful for the online friendships I’ve made with authors and bloggers.

9)  I’m thankful for new opportunities that arise out of past experiences.

10)  I’m thankful for the gift of creation given me as a writer.

11)  I’m thankful for space and time in my life that allows me to write and edit.

12)  I’m thankful for my website technical guy, John, who answers all my crazy questions, and keeps my site upgraded, tested, and online.

13)  I’m thankful for every one of you who show up each week to read and share your writing ideas.

No matter where you live, in this big, beautiful world, I wish you and yours infinite blessings to inspire your thanks in this and the coming year.


Happy Thanksgiving!