Good News and Fascinating Tribute

Good news first, right?  And good news last, today. Madavor Media has acquired The Writer magazine.  Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Kalmbach Publishing looking for a buyer for the 125 year-old magazine.  In a surprisingly short time, the deal was struck, and the print magazine will carry on.  Madavor intends to […]

Writing in Your Perfect Time

There are innumerable opinions on the perfect time to write. Some say it’s best to rise early in the morning and crank out a few pages before the world and your family wakes. There are those who write in the middle of the day, sneaking moments during their lunch break, or the baby’s nap to add […]

The Writer: Last Days of an Icon

One hundred twenty five years dedicated to “inspire, instruct and inform writers at all levels.” That is the mission of The Writer, the magazine flying the tagline “Imagine.  Write.  Publish.” And the publishers have done all that for over a century.  They, and their contributors, inspired writers at all stages of their craft and career through articles […]

Words Created The Movies That Live Forever

Did you see the news from the British Film Institute’s magazine Sight and Sound? Every ten years the institute invites international film critics to vote on the greatest film of all time. Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941) held the lead for the last fifty years.  In this year’s survey, critics voted Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) […]