Motivation Part 2: The “Why” That Shapes Your Life

Last week I wrote about finding your core motivation for getting out of bed every morning.  Now I want build upon that and find the motivation that drives you to write. That’s right.  Why do you write? There are as many reasons to write as there are writers. Some write for fame and fortune.  Some, […]

Scare Up Some Readers this Halloween

Most children I’ve met love a spooky, scary story.  They love to huddle in a tent, flashlight beneath their chins, and whisper about the scarecrow that climbs down from his post and creeps through their neighborhood at night.  They love to shriek with terror when the family dog scratches against the tent wall, whining to […]

Writers Have Superpowers

I truly celebrate the superpowers of writers. Specifically, writers have the power to shape words into tools to create change in the world, to influence attitudes, and to encourage specific behavior.  I’ve always believed that the power of words can transform lives. Let’s talk about the writer’s superpower to promote women’s health through self-breast exams […]