Aligning with Your Dreams: Write as if Your Life Depends Upon It

I have a life outside writing. I know, I know. Some of you are disbelieving, and some of you think it’s about time.

In that parallel life I’m a coach. Currently I’m completing a year-long course for international certification as a life coach. And you know how it goes when you’re immersed in a specific project. You start noticing an idea or concept that shows up in your life over and over within a short period of time.

I keep running across this question: “What would your life look like if…” and the end of that question can be filled in with whatever you want to attract into your life.

So today, I ask you, “What would your life look like if you were the writer you want to be?”

Close your eyes and visualize a day in your life as that writer.

Do you rise from your bed inspired and eager to get to your keyboard? Are your first important words already on paper before you search out coffee and breakfast?

Do you work on your current Work In Progress (WIP) for a specific number of hours each day? Do you stay in front of the computer until you’ve written five hundred words each day? One thousand words? Two pages? Two chapters?

Are your family and friends respectful of your working time?

What are you doing to honor your talent? What are you studying, and with whom, in order to improve to improve your craft? How frequently do you feed the spark of creativity through interaction with other writers?

Are you eager to participate in writers’ workshops, mentor talented young writers, attend conferences to interact with other writers, and stay current with the publishing world?

Do you travel for research? Write something just because you’re interested in the subject matter? Write what you love to read?

Do you publish a new book each year? More than one? Would your books be stand-alone or part of a series?

Do you schedule time on your calendar specifically to promote your books? Are you hosting get-togethers with your fans just to enjoy spending time with them? What creative ways have you found to attract new readers and to keep them?

When you are the writer you want to be, do you have more time to spend with family and friends, more income to spend on some of your wants instead of your needs? More chances to share your talent, money and time with charities of your choice?

Now that you’ve visualized your life as the writer you dream of becoming, now that you can see that day in your imagination, how does it feel?

That’s the most important process in becoming that writer you see in your imagination. Once you can visualize yourself as that writer, and feel every emotion of being that writer, nothing will get in your way.

And on that day you wake up and realize you’re living that life you visualized today, drop me a line and tell me about the life you’ve created out of your dream of success. Until then, I’m holding that vision for you.