Declare Your Independence

Hooray!  I’ve finally declared my independence from the high-priced internet provider that continually throttled down my access speed to less than 100kbps and then sent me notices that I was exceeding my monthly allocation of bandwidth. I worried I wouldn’t find any other high-speed service in this rural area, so for longer than I should […]

Decluttering for Creativity – Part Two

Last week we looked at our physical work space and identified the clutter preventing us from working at our best.  If you took the ideas I shared and did your own decluttering, you’re ready to move on to freeing up brain space for renewed creativity.   Defining mental clutter There’s so much to pay attention […]

When the Tools Create More Work: Two Different Experiences with Blurb BookSmart

I’ve been struggling with a project for weeks.  I’m frustrated and running out of time to fulfill a promise I made. It began eight years ago when I collected photos of my maternal grandparents, their ten children, and their fifty-two children, and many great- and great-great-grandchildren to create a ring-binder of photos identifying our family. […]