Choosing to Have Fun with Writing in 2014

It’s time.  Time to firm up those new writing goals.  Time to get a running start on meeting them, by making a choice today.

Today you can choose how your writing year will unfold.  And once you make your choice you’ve taken the first step to make it happen.


Me, I’m choosing to post my goals where I can see them every day.  Especially at the beginning of the year, when the goals are new and fresh, I need that constant reminder of what I’m working toward.  But I find after a couple of months that a momentum and excitement begins to build that starts to pull me toward manifesting my goals.  I no longer have to remind myself that I had this or that writing intention.  It becomes second nature to sit down and create a new blog post before the day it’s due.  It gets easier to allocate extra time to writing when I’ve recently done well in a contest.  It’s more fun to imagine and create and share my work when I enjoy my writing time.

So we start where we are today, and build on what we have.  Remember, the more you write, the more you learn, the more manuscripts you have to submit to contests, to agents, to publishers.

Don’t forget to create a file of completed stories and drafts.  If you give up on something for a while, or need to let it simmer before editing, pop that baby into your Work In Progress (WIP) file.  Then when you find a notice for a contest with a deadline only a few days away, you can dig something out of that file, polish it up, and you have an entry.  This takes away the fear and stress of trying to create something from scratch.  I’ve been there and done that.  And a lot of times, I just threw up my hands and gave up on having anything done in time for the contest deadline.  Once I began filing everything I worked on, it was an easy matter to find a flash piece, a short story, or a novella to meet most occasions.

Make a conscious choice to make it easy on yourself in this new year.  You’ll find you get more involved in your writing goals, you expand your reach with contests, you submit articles to magazines and blogs that interest you.  You have fun writing.  What a concept!

Do you choose to have fun with writing this year, or are you content to allow your work to feel like you’re pulling teeth every day?  Leave a comment and share ways you plan to bring some fun into manifesting your writing goals this year.