Christmas Moments for the Heart

Are you writing this Christmas?  How about taking notes to feed your inspiration at a later date?

The holiday season overflows with stories that tug at the heart.  Television’s stable of feel-good Christmas tales receives an influx of new movies every year.  From Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve, we enjoy hours of holiday romance, philanthropy, and comic adventure – all centered on time-honored traditions.

What will catch your writer’s eye and mind this year?  Will it be…?

…the awe and anticipation on a child’s face in that moment the tree lights come on in a darkened room

…the festive lights adorning downtown streetlamps, reflecting in shop windows and off silvery packages

…the aromas of cinnamon and vanilla and snow

…the live Nativity scene in front of the tiniest church in town

…the card you open from a friend so far away in distance but so close to your heart

…the sadness and disappointment of a small boy in a homeless shelter, sure that Santa won’t be able to find him this year

…the generosity of the anonymous man who drops a bundle of hundred dollar bills in the collection plate to fund Christmas baskets from the food pantry

Where have you found the story that moves your heart this year?  What small vignette of this season sparked a tale for you to share with the world?  Tell us about that moment in the comments.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace and Love,

and Inspired Writing to All!