Come On and Fail Already!

Have you already failed to keep your writing resolutions?

That’s fine.  In fact, that’s wonderful.

Now you can forget about that amorphous pie-in-the-sky goal and set your intention to start fresh.

That’s right.  You can start fresh.  You can start over every single day if that’s what it takes to get your fingers on the keyboard.

If “I’m going to write more” sounds too huge and unreachable – it is.

But stating an intention before you swing your legs over the side of your bed is something you can handle.  Just making a simple statement.

“I intend to write today.”

Notice I didn’t intend to write for an hour, or to write 1,000 words, although I may.  I only intended to write.

After breakfast and that very necessary cup of coffee, you can restate your intention.

“I intend to write now.”

And then do it.

Yep.  It really is that simple.  Your subconscious will hear that statement of intent and take it for truth.  Even if you thought you were kidding yourself.  And your good old subconscious will keep nudging you, and nudging you…

Remember, you intend to write, now

…until you find yourself sitting in front of the computer, doing a couple of finger stretches, and writing.

It doesn’t have to be thousands of words.  It doesn’t have to be good.  It doesn’t even need to be grammatically correct.  It’s just about writing.

Now, I intend to post this and get back to my WIP.


How about you?  What do you intend to do about your writing?  I’m hoping you’ll share in the comments.


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