Day Fifteen – Serve Your Fellow Writers; Serve the World

This is my favorite of the 15 Habits of Great Writers.

Writing is my gift.  I’m grateful every day for the ability to put words together in a way that entertains, inspires and motivates people.  My writing provides the opportunity to serve other writers, my community, and the planet through sharing causes of interest to all of us.

I’m privileged to write occasionally for and about the local Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.  Donating my time and words gives me the means to assist them in explaining their mission, attracting visitors to their Motherhouse and their Conference and Retreat Center, and attracting young women interested in being a Sister, as well as lay people interested in supporting the Ursuline community as Associates.

On my second blog, Peacemaker’s Path, I dedicate many words to global issues, such as clean water for everyone and sustainable living.  Here I share videos that touch my soul, inviting my readers to share a moment of peace in their busy day.  I invite conversation about meeting each other in respect and understanding, about listening to what our hearts have to say.

In both of my blogs, I share inspiration I find in the people I meet online and in person.  It’s a joy to be able to assist others in achieving their dreams.  Earlier this year I dedicated several posts on this blog to an innovative, interactive Steampunk Holmes project.  It was terribly exciting to see response to the Kickstarter campaign for this project leap forward with each post.

With the Transformational Editor blog, I’m able to review books by new authors, giving readers a glimpse of their talent as they find their way in the writing world.  This week I’ll be reviewing two new books by a YA author.  Come on back to share in the excitement.

Also this week, in Wednesday’s post, I am excited to offer a short interview with Emily Wenstrom, who announced her new ezine, wordhaus, just a few days ago in the writing community generated within the Jeff Goins 15 Day Writing Challenge.  It’s a pleasure to be able to help Emily promote this new opportunity for writers to see their work published.

I believe that words can and will change the world.  It’s in using words in service to the needs of others that I see the world move in a positive direction.  That’s what I wish this blog to be for everyone reading these words – a positive force helping you take your writing far beyond the limits of your dreams.


How can we serve one another in our writing community?  Share your inspiration and your needs with us in the comments.