Day Nine – Connect and Flourish

There are many reasons a writer should make connections, not least is that some of them might get her away from the keyboard and out of the house.

The needs of every writer will be different, just as we are all unique in what we write and how we write.  Without making connections we never stretch beyond the box of our own experiences.  Reaching out to others opens unknown possibilities for each of us.

I connect:

  • With my readers.  I promise my readers and myself that I will deliver my best work possible.  To amuse or affirm, to challenge or console, to educate or elicit a response.


  • With other writers.  Making friends with people who understand sleepless nights searching for one perfect word.  Sharing concerns and triumphs with someone who’s been there.  It’s unbelievably fulfilling to find a new friend who writes.


  • With a writer’s group.  Showing up to share, to honor the efforts of fellow writers, to give and receive help.  Rejection is a drop sweeter when your writer friends share your disappointment.


  • With blog owners I admire.  I contribute to the conversation on posts I particularly enjoy.  I show up to remind the blog host that someone out there, that she is indeed being heard.


  • With authors I admire.  I send an email when an author moves me to tears with her story, when he presents information that fascinates me to discover what lies beyond the revelations in his book.  Most authors are thrilled to know that you enjoy their words.


  • With the constant Source of my inspiration.


Thank you for making a connection with me today.  I’m here to affirm the connections you make in your writing life.  What is the most valuable connection you have made as a writer?  Tell us about it in a comment.

2 thoughts on “Day Nine – Connect and Flourish

  1. Thank you for your article and sharing yourself with others. It’s great to be with you on this journey of writing and creating.


    1. Thanks for connecting, Don. “When two or more gather in one place…” miracles happen. What a miracle of encouragement and growth we’re seeing in the community rising from this writing challenge. Do come visit again.

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