Day Twelve – Provoke a Reaction

Provoke:  Excite to some feeling or action. 

                             ~ Webster’s New World Dictionary


The books that provoke the deepest response from me engage my emotions.  Same with movies and music.  It’s great to enjoy something for sheer entertainment.  But it won’t make an iota of difference in my life unless it moves me to tears, fills me with joy, stokes my anger, or feeds my passion.  Only then do I take action.

Write as though each word you choose can change someone’s world.  If you don’t believe that, watch this.  Then take another look at what you wrote today.



Provoke a conversation with your fellow readers in the comments… subject:  Which feelings cause you to take action?

3 thoughts on “Day Twelve – Provoke a Reaction

  1. I would like to say this video is REALLY AWESOME! (sorry about all the caps). This video touched me and I’m a Writer and I believe that words are so powerful. It takes time but also patiences to understand we can heal, destroy, and rebuild with our words. Thank you for the Awesome Post.

    1. Hello Church!

      I’m so happy this video touched your heart. If only everyone could see words as we do… and heal the world through the words we choose. Thank you for visiting.

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