Fooled by Sneaky Serials

Okay, Author.  You did it again.  Sucked me in with that blurb promising an exciting adventure.  The start of an intriguing new series.

At almost four hundred pages, it took me a few evenings to read your book.  You built three separate plot lines, threading them together, weaving back and forth.  You presented conspiracies, made revelations, sent your characters into danger.

The page count was building.  None of the plot lines seemed close to resolution.  But I believed you would deliver on your promise.

Well, the April Fool’s joke is on me.

On the last few pages, each plot line ended abruptly.  Sure, the cliffhangers were intense.  You offered a glimpse of action in the preview of your next book, which takes up exactly where this one left off.

But you promised me a complete story in this book.

There is a difference between a serial story and a book in a series of stories.  And it’s up to the author to make it clear just what he or she is offering.

I want to know if I have to buy your next twelve books in order to discover what happens to the characters in this one.  Not at this end of the book.  I want to make that choice before I purchase the first segment.

Well, Author, you fooled me this time.  Unfortunately, you won’t get another chance, because you’ve lost my trust.  And all you had to do was change one word in the description of your book.