Good News and Fascinating Tribute

Good news first, right?  And good news last, today.

Madavor Media has acquired The Writer magazine.  Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Kalmbach Publishing looking for a buyer for the 125 year-old magazine.  In a surprisingly short time, the deal was struck, and the print magazine will carry on.  Madavor intends to keep the high quality articles and how-to’s the magazine does so well.

Madavor Media’s website claims to publish all their magazines for “passionate and enthusiastic communities,” with each magazine standing as an “editorial authority” for its particular niche.  Some of the magazines in their house include Jazz Times, Inside Arts, and International Figure Skating.

Look for a book, The Best of the Writer, which Madavor plans to publish by the end of the year.

On to the fascinating tribute!

Which author is more deserving of having his name attached to a Martian landing site than Ray Bradbury?

That’s right, the author of the collection of stories known as The Martian Chronicles will be remembered for more than his fascinating science fiction short stories and novels, read by thousands over the years.

On what would have been his 92nd birthday, NASA announced the landing site of the Curiosity rover exploratory mission would be named Bradbury Landing.

Bradbury passed away in June, leaving a legacy of stories numbering in the hundreds.

I can’t imagine a tribute more fitting, or any other he might have preferred over this honor.

See, I told you it was good news first and last this week. 

If sometime in the future, your name is attached to a place to honor your writing career, where would it be, and why?  Leave a comment and tell us all about it.