I Didn’t Mean to Write That

Have you ever spent all day writing, only to discover when you lift your fingers from the keyboard that you’ve not written what you planned?

Well, it happens to me.  A lot.

Yep, I just spent all day writing, and not a word of it was written for this post.  Oh, I’ve got hundreds of words for other occasions, pages of notes jotted on ideas for new stories and novels.  I even wrote a 200-word piece for a new e-book project (more on that in a later post) – three times.  Yes, that’s right.  I wrote the piece three times today.  And the final version looks nothing like the first, because even that one has been edited at least twenty times since the words first kissed the page.

But nothing for this blog post.

So, do you think I’m going to beat myself up because I didn’t meet my original goal of completing a blog post?

No, I’m going to celebrate the closeness of the match (thanks, Christy Whitman).  I’m happy that I wrote today.  Happy I completed the piece for the new project in a joyful rush of words.

So what’s my message for you this week?  To once in a while just allow yourself to fall into the flow, to be inspired or to be the catalyst for someone else’s inspiration, to discover where the words take you.  And to find joy in the journey, no matter where it ends.

There’s something fresh and freeing about going with the flow once in a while, just to discover where inspiration leads.  And guess what?  Sharing about what I didn’t write today has turned into that blog post I intended to write.  I’m going to celebrate that tonight.


If it’s been a chore to write lately, ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve written for fun.  What sparks your excitement?  What do you write for solely the joy of it?  Answer one or both questions in a comment.