Is Your Writing Stuck? Read S’More

Okay, I couldn’t resist.  I just heard the Girl Scouts are coming out with a new cookie flavor.  Let’s hear it for S’Mores!

Now back to our regularly scheduled message.

Seriously, has the summer heat and humidity smothered your creativity?  Do you gaze out the window longing to be on the lake or the ball field or hiking in the mountains when you’re supposed to be writing?

Is your writing stuck in Park?

Let’s call it what it is.  Your muse is on summer vacation.  (That’s right.  We never, ever say “writer’s block.”  Why?  Because it doesn’t exist.  You’ll start writing again when you let go and loosen up.)

What’s your go-to remedy to spark a pile of inspired pages?  Have you considered reading some more good books?

In or out of your genre, it doesn’t matter.  Diving into a fresh flow of word energy fills your tank.  Sink into a steamy romance.  Leave the lights on all night while you cower over the latest best-selling horror.  Prop a how-to open on your workbench and create something with your hands instead of your brain.

In no time you’ll find your mind drifting into enticing new ideas and concepts for your work.  Don’t leap back into work too soon.  Allow yourself enough time to savor the magic of words, to become excited about holding your finished book once again.

Fruit punch in glasses

Then sit down, take a refreshing sip of something tall and cold, and begin again.

See you at your book launch!


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