It’s a No-Brainer

Today is No-Brainer Day.  No, really.

Apparently, the world needs at least one day each year when everything can be simple and easy.  This is not the day you want to work on complicated tasks that require research, coordination, or lots of effort.

Ms. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith designated this day for us, and to make it easier to remember, it happens on the 27th of February every year.

If you ask me, we need a year’s worth of No-Brainer days.

We often get so involved in making everything we do more complex, time-consuming, and perfect we forget it’s not a requirement.  We’re not required to fight our way through every day of our lives, working against the flow.

When you think about it, we all need an occasional no-brainer day for our writing as well.  Not that we want to create something that’s unpolished or incomplete.  But there’s no rule that says everything we write has to be deep, thought-provoking prose.

So for today, just go with the flow.  Let your brain leap into the unknown and soar.  Create something easy and fun.  If you are always serious, write something silly.  If you usually hide your feelings, write something sentimental.  If you spend hours in research, write from your heart about what you know and feel.

Then sit back and let it simmer for a couple of days.  When you come back to it, look at the quality of your writing.  In the looser, free-flow of your No-Brainer day, did you discover a new aspect to your writing?  Did you create a new voice?  Is this something you can cultivate and enjoy long-term?

Nothing says we have to be perfect every time we take up the pen.

Only that we have to try.

Boring output comes from doing the same thing, with the same intensity every single day.

Rather than plodding into burnout, we should be dancing toward comfort with our work.

Anytime we have an opportunity to allow fun to form our originality, we grow as writers, as artists, as performers.

In every way, we discover that a day of rest increases the flow of creativity.

None of us can create a masterpiece if we never vary our focus.

Each time we step into a brief moment of effortless flow we encourage more of those moments.

Race toward the inspiration hiding in the flow of energy unlocked in this day, knowing you are drawing closer to a blaze of new creativity with each step.


Let me know what you discover when you step into your No-Brainer day of writing.  What do you like about it that you will incorporate into your ongoing work?