Looking Forward to 2015 Inspiration

It’s a Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to an inspired 2015, filled with new projects and adventures in writing.

There’s a fresh feel to these first days of the new year, and I hope that continues for a long time.  It’s always exciting to me to reach a point where I can move into something new.  That doesn’t apply only to my writing, editing, and coaching.  It can relate to a change of location, career, or even something new and challenging to learn.

Of course, I could make a decision to move in different directions at any time of the year.  But we do tend to feel a more specific pull toward re-evaluating and re-framing our lives and interests at this time of year.  Maybe it has something to do with some mass urge of humanity to recognize in some significant way the experiences of the past and the potential of the future as one year closes and another is born.

Whatever the reason, I’m finding myself anticipating a 2015 filled with creativity, fun, and joy in doing what I love.

I’m still planning my projects across the next twelve months. I do know I’ll be refreshing the look of this website, and adding a page where I’ll share my favorite writing resources.  There are many more ideas I’m still processing and prioritizing.  And you’ll be the first to hear about them here.

In the meantime, enjoy the possibilities of the days stretching ahead of you.  What will you create?  What do you plan to share with the world in 2015?