Make a Habit of It: Following the Greats

Last month I posted an entry in Jeff Goins’ You Are A Writer contest to promote his new book.  Writing my post and reading the posts of every other contestant was so inspiring.  The world is full of people who say they want to write.  But this group of 138 writers didn’t just talk about wanting to write.  They stood tall on their soapboxes and shouted it to the world.

And the world heard us!

Today is the first day of Jeff’s 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge.  As of this morning, there are 745 writers making the Declaration that they are writers.

I can’t wait to feel the swell of creative energy unfold as we step daily into the challenge of habits of the great writers. 

If you’d like to sign up for the challenge, head on over to Jeff’s page.  If you haven’t bought his new book, You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One), what are you waiting for?

So, for the next fifteen days I’ll be adding to my regular weekly post, acknowledging and practicing a new habit in daily posts.  Some days you’ll even find two posts, as I will also be participating in another author blog tour.  Just a sweet lagniappe, from me to you.

Afternoon Update:  I was so excited to get started yesterday that I misread the first line of the sign-up and called my website SuzanneG, which is really my screen name.  Calm down, SuzanneG… go write a story about how an innocent mistake made while signing up for a contest puts the contestant’s life in danger.  “Suddenly she sees…”