Manifest Your Secret Writing Dream in 2014

Will you take advantage of this fresh new year to manifest a secret dream?  Something you’ve held in the back of your mind for months or years, but never believed you could accomplish?  The year 2014 could be your time for triumph.

An older friend confided to me years ago that she wanted to create a book of her poetry and art to give her children.  She wanted them to see and remember her through the words that reflect her life.  But she said, “I know it will never happen.  My writing’s not good enough.  And I never took art classes.”

I encouraged her to reconsider.  I’d heard and read her poetry, and had seen her artwork.  She had real talent, but couldn’t see it in herself.

Each year that went by, she would mention that she really wanted to create this book.  But she still had reservations about the value of her work.  Each year I told her I would help make her dream come to life, if she really wanted.

Finally, this past fall, she asked me to look at her writing and tell her if there was any possibility of creating something she could leave to her children.  I took the box of loose pages she brought to me, and knew we could find enough pieces to fill a book.  I sorted and chose the poems for her since she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) trust her own judgment.  When a pattern emerged, I showed her how the book would flow.  We edited poems, added prose and new poetry, and of course, photos of some of her artwork.

She became even more enthused about the project as she saw it come together.  Then her worry became whether she could afford to have it published.

I did some research on various self-publishing venues, and decided that Blurb would provide a beautiful product at a reasonable cost.  Once I finished the layout and we knew exactly how many pages her book contained, we priced it out.  Again, I could see that worry about the cost shadowing her eyes.

“Mary,” I said, “If this is not a good time financially, we can save the book to a file and wait until the time is right.”

“If I don’t do it now, when will I?” she asked.

So we dived into the publication process, and just before Thanksgiving I received the first copy of her book, which we used as a proof before placing her larger order.  It was beautiful, looked professional, and her children would be in awe of this Christmas gift.  Mary cried when she first held it in her hands, tears of joy and pride that she had brought her dream to life.

Mary inspired me with her decision to finally manifest her dream.  I’m going to set at least one goal for 2014 that I would not have allowed myself to dream in the past.

I haven’t decided exactly which dream I want to manifest first, but I’m done putting them off for a better day.  No more excuses.

Which secret dream will you manifest in your writing career when you ask, “If not now, when?”  Share your dream goal with us in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Manifest Your Secret Writing Dream in 2014

  1. This is so true. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little kick and make it happen. I’ve decided that 2014 is the year I complete my manuscript in progress and find an agent. I’ve redoubled my writing efforts to make sure it becomes a reality!

    1. I’m with you, Emily. There are some daily habits I have to revise or reschedule, but I am going to spend more time on my own writing this year. The years slide past so quickly. I want to act on the world, instead of reacting. That includes acting on the direction of my own career. I can’t wait to celebrate with you when we both complete our novels and find agents.

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