My Wish for All Writers

I hope you are all safe at home with loved ones, snuggling in for the holiday season.  Surely, close at hand, there are stacks of great books to read, board games to play, and movies to watch.  And of course, lots of delicious treats at each meal and for snacking through the day.  Inside you’re warm and cozy, no matter the weather, while outside you’ll soon enjoy seasonal sports, rowdy games mothers won’t allow in the house, and the calm stillness of (hopefully) starry nights.

This is my Christmas Eve wish for all writers, and their loved ones, everywhere:

  • Time to create ageless treasures
  • Creativity that flows effortlessly
  • Strong belief in your talents—from yourself, your agent, and your publisher
  • Loving support from family and friends
  • Bestselling books in whichever genre you write
  • Thousands of fans eagerly awaiting each new book
  • A world that understands the importance of reading, and therefore the undeniable value of excellent writers
  • A New Year filled with challenges met, joys realized, and dreams fulfilled.

Whichever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, may it be merry and bright.

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