NaNoWriMo: Where One Idea Generates Dozens More

Five days into National Novel Writing Month, are you still enthusiastic and fired up?  Are the words flowing fast and furious?

I hope so.

When you reach today’s word-count goal and get a chance to breathe, I invite you to sit back and listen to what else is going on in your brain.

I’ve noticed that my creative mind kicks into even higher gear the harder I use it.  And that means more inspiration to work with.

The energy rush of NaNoWriMo wires your brain to keep on pumping out new ideas.

This week alone, I’ve already jotted down a dozen thoughts on new projects, stories, and courses in a notebook I keep just for that purpose.

After each of your writing sessions, take an extra fifteen minutes to quiet your brain.  Listen for the inspiration for new novels, and new ways to approach your writing.

Just because those new ideas have nothing to do with the novel you’re writing today, don’t allow them to get away.  You may have no use for them this month, this year, or even next year.  But one day you’ll open that notebook, and realize you have the basis for your next bestseller jotted on those pages.

Ideas beget ideas.  Take full advantage of your creative drive during NaNoWriMo.  And always.

Feel free to share your NaNoWriMo worries and triumphs in the comments.  Can you hear me cheering you on?