Racing Toward the NaNoWriMo Finish Line

You’re almost to the halfway mark of your NaNoWriMo challenge today.  If you’re on target, you’ve written 21,671 words.  Give yourself a pat on the back, and take ten minutes to inhale any chocolate left in your cupboard.

Okay, what if you’re not on target with your word count?  No need to despair.  (And no time for a pity party.)   This is the moment in the movie when the old, Grizzled Cowboy tells young Bobby Sidekick, who’s just been bloodied and bruised in a losing fight with the Bank Robber, to get back in the saddle and keep going.  The music swells as Sidekick drags his aching body into action, remounts his horse, and they ride hellbent for leather to rescue sweet Sally Schoolteacher.

Think of it this way… you may be behind today, but you have seventeen days to catch up.  All you have to do is re-calculate and set your new daily word count goal.  And keep going.  The person you’re rescuing is yourself… and your writing dreams.

Don’t forget, when a race-car driver catches his first glimpse of the finish line, he doesn’t decelerate and coast.  He floors the accelerator, and coaxes every ounce of power from his engine to blast across that line in a blur of color and motion.

It’s time to invest every bit of writing energy you possess, and conquer the NaNo challenge.  (Can you finish before the Thanksgiving turkey platter hits the table?)

I’m still rooting for you.  Oh heck, you know I’m always rooting for you.  If you have a moment while you’re enjoying that last candy bar, leave a comment and let us know where you are in your quest for NaNoWriMo victory.