Developmental Editing

I will help you find and focus your vision for your book.

Your investment for Developmental Editing: $60/hr

Working with you from the beginning of your project, I’ll help you organize and determine the content, structure, plot, pacing, character development, and narrative flow of your manuscript. We will verify that you have the reference material necessary, and decide on the voice and style of your work. We will also determine your target audience and your readers’ expectations. When you are stuck, I’ll help you write your way out of the problem.


We’ll start with a chapter-by-chapter plan. If your manuscript is part of a series, I’ll help you plan the content and flow of each book, so they are consistent. Working together, we’ll develop a coherent product.


If you already have a first draft, I will look at the whole manuscript or story to see how it flows. I’ll verify the appropriateness of the content and style for your target audience. I may suggest rewriting for clarity or continuity. Additionally, I may suggest you delete or add sections, apply proper manuscript formatting, or eliminate redundant material and correct inconsistent details.


If you have completed one or more rewrites or have some Beta reader reviews, I will help you incorporate those comments and suggestions into your manuscript. I will also do general copyediting.


Developmental editing is not proofreading, fact-checking, or line editing.  It is the “big picture” view that helps you get a good start and stay focused on your goal.


Payment accepted via PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to make payments.  PayPal offers the choice of paying by check or credit card.