Prolific Creator Package

Prolific (adjective) – fruitful, abounding

Creator (noun) – one who creates


I will edit or proofread up to 20,000 words per month for twelve months.


Q:  Do you really think I could ever write 20,000 words in a month?

A:  20,000 words per month = 5,000 words per week = 667 words per day.

Are you adding new pages to your website?  How many words did you write for your latest landing page, newsletter, or your new opt-in offer?  How many words did you write while creating your current program, training course, or blog post?


Example:  In one twelve-month period, I wrote 49 posts for my Transformational Editor website.  Those posts add up to 22,699 words, which means each one averages 463 words.  Since the blog post is only a portion of what I write each month, you can see how easy it is to reach 20,000 words in a month.



Your investment with the 20,000 word, Prolific Creator package:


12 monthly payments of $511.00 (7% savings over the Inspired Project fee)




1 payment of $5,808.00 (a 12% savings)


All fees are recurring payments invoiced through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to make payments.  You will have a choice of paying by check or credit card through PayPal.