Rev Me Up Package

Rev (verb) – to increase; accelerate; intensify

Up (adverb) – to a higher or better condition


I will edit or proofread up to 10,000 words per month for twelve months. 


Q:  I can’t imagine what 10,000 words look like.  Will this maximum word count be enough, or too much for my needs?

A:  10,000 words per month = 2,500 words per week = 333 words per day.

Are you building a brand new business?  Are you still in the process of writing content for new web pages?  Do you have a newsletter, or is that something you want to create in the future?  How much new content do you create each month?


Example:  This blog post is just over 1,000 words.  And this one comes in at just under 1,200 words.  If you are writing a blog post or creating web content, it doesn’t take long to reach 10,000 words in a month.



Your investment with the 10,000 word, Rev Me Up package:

12 monthly payments of $261.00 (5% savings over the Inspired Project fee)




1 payment of $2,970.00 (a 10% savings)


All fees are recurring payments invoiced through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to make payments.  PayPal offers the choice of paying by check or credit card.