6 Ways to Plan 50,000 Words

November will be here before you know it, along with an opportunity to hunker down and write the first draft of something new and exciting.  And there’s still time to plan for success in reaching a 50,000 word goal within thirty days.  Yes, I’m talking about the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. Does the […]

Which Classic Would You Reinvent?

Emily Wenstrom, editor and publisher of short story ezine wordhaus, wrote a wonderful post this week on reinterpreting art.  I had to smile as I recalled experiencing the same sense of familiarity she describes.  Usually from an instrumental melody streaming from elevator speakers, or soothing patients in their long wait at the doctor’s office. And […]

Motivation Part 2: The “Why” That Shapes Your Life

Last week I wrote about finding your core motivation for getting out of bed every morning.  Now I want build upon that and find the motivation that drives you to write. That’s right.  Why do you write? There are as many reasons to write as there are writers. Some write for fame and fortune.  Some, […]