Emily Wenstrom and wordhaus: The Writer as Publisher

This week I am honored to bring you this interview with Emily Wenstrom, writer, blogger, and now publisher of the new eZine, wordhaus. I thought it would be fascinating to have a glimpse into Emily’s thought processes as she created and launched this platform for short stories.   Emily, your Zine, wordhaus, launched on January […]

wordhaus – New Short Story eZine Ready to Launch!

You may remember my posts, back in June, about the upcoming new ezine, wordhaus.  Publisher, and blogger, Emily Wenstrom realized that many sources for short stories were available only to the small community of short story writers.  Her personal desire for a constant supply of short stories in the genres of romance, mystery/thriller, and sci-fi/fantasy […]

‘Tis the Season to Collect Story Ideas

This time of year is a gift for writers. How so, you ask. Look around and really see everything that’s happening during the holiday season.  Family get-togethers, family feuds, people doing crazy things in the name of celebration, heart-touching moments, can’t-believe-he-did-that moments.  They’re all there for the remembering. Were you one of the millions who […]

Motivation Part 3: How do You Want to Feel?

This is the final installment in my “motivation” series. Here’s part one.  And part two.   Now that you’ve defined your life motivation, and discovered how that shaped the motivation for your career as a writer, how do you want to feel about that career? I mean, do you wish to bask in the accolades […]

The Writer: Last Days of an Icon

One hundred twenty five years dedicated to “inspire, instruct and inform writers at all levels.” That is the mission of The Writer, the magazine flying the tagline “Imagine.  Write.  Publish.” And the publishers have done all that for over a century.  They, and their contributors, inspired writers at all stages of their craft and career through articles […]