Take a Book to Dinner: Today is World Book Day

This is one holiday I never have a problem celebrating.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stopped in the middle of a busy day for a quick meal, and spent more time than I realized – because I was reading a book as I ate.

Now, come on.  Admit it.  You’ve done the same thing. 

Losing oneself in a good book releases every care like nothing else.  As you fall under the spell of the author’s words, the world slips away until you completely forget the chores awaiting your attention.

Ah, the rich power the written word holds, whisking us away from this mundane life, transforming our universe into one of adventure, action, quietude or tranquility.

Isn’t that what each of us strives for as a writer?  That moment we see someone reading our written words, completely oblivious to the world around them.

This is going to be a very short post, because I don’t waste a moment of this holiday.  I may even need to carry two books today.  It would be a shame to run out of words before I run out of day.  The problem I’m having right now is choosing the appropriate book for this important celebration.

So take a book to dinner.  Make it special – light a couple of candles, perhaps pour a glass of wine.  Anticipate the moment you open the cover and your eyes fall upon the first page.  Happy reading!

What will you choose to read in celebration of World Book Day?  Will it be an old friend, or will you welcome something new to take up residence on your shelves?  Leave a comment and share the name of the book you choose.  Tell us why you chose this particular book and why we might enjoy it.