Third Wednesday: Passionate Throes Throw Us Off Balance

I don’t often see these words confused for each other, but it does happen.  “Throw” is a fascinating word, used in dozens of contexts.  I’m only going to address a few of them here.

“Helga was in the throws of passion when she heard her mother’s ringtone from the phone on the floor.”


Throws – to cause something or someone to fly through the air by releasing from the hand after a rapid motion of the arm through the air.  To hurl an object through the air with the aid of a weapon or tool that propels or catapults. 

Informally, you can substitute “throws” for “has,” or for “confuses” or “disconcerts.”

That Little League pitcher throws as hard and fast as an adult pro.

The grenade launcher throws its payload ten times farther than a soldier could.

The little mare throws Bobby every time he gets cocky about his riding skills.

Vickie throws a tantrum every time her mother asks her to clean her room or do her homework.

His grandson’s use of modern slang throws Alex most days.


Throes – the act of struggling with a problem, decision, or task, or emotion.  Usually violent, whether good or bad.

Women in the throes of childbirth tend to forget every bit of manners they’ve ever learned.

The assassin looked away from the old woman as she shuddered in her death throes.

Millicent is once again suffering the throes of unrequited love.


Here’s another look at Throws and Throes.


Peter hated the throws of going cold turkey every time he gave up cigarettes.

Every time Annette throes a party she run out of snacks within the first hour.


Malcolm throws a Frisbee for his dog, Sadie, until his shoulder aches from overuse.

Grandma’s favorite novels involve heroines lost in the throes of passion for ninety percent of the story.


Next time you’re in the throes of creativity, grab your favorite dictionary and check out all the other ways you can throw these words onto the page.