Third Wednesday: Peruse the Plan Before You Pursue the Prize

Today’s words may sound a bit alike, but are not even close in meaning.  Here’s a paraphrase of the sentence that caught my eye in a recent newspaper article.

“He had long dreamed of captaining a yacht, but it was only in the past year that he found time to peruse it as a career.”


Peruse – to examine in detail, to read carefully.  Sometimes used to indicate reading in a leisurely manner.

While I like to read the newspaper each day, there are too many articles in the New York Times for me to peruse an entire issue while eating breakfast.

Shelly loves to peruse a light novel while soaking in the tub.


Pursue – to follow in order to overtake or capture; to strive for or seek after; to attempt to find, win, or get to some goal.

The assassin pursued General Taylor through the empty halls of the Pentagon.

Ashley pursues her dream of becoming an aeronautic engineer, choosing only classes that will help her reach that goal.


Here’s another look at Peruse and Pursue.


On the first day of school each year, Hal decides which beautiful co-ed he will peruse in search of a date for the Fall Rally.

There’s nothing like a good book to pursue before bedtime.


“If I have to peruse one more for-rent ad extolling a “charming hideaway needing a little work” I’m going to throw up,” Maggie groused.

Sam snickered before he offered, “If we can’t afford anything except “charming hideaways” let’s pursue the idea of finding another source of income.”

After taking time to peruse the map, Stewart knew where to pursue a glimpse of the elusive billionaire.

If you’re trying to capture or attract someone or something you are taking action, or moving toward something specific.  But if you’re only reading about the chase, you can do so at your leisure.