What’s Your Biggest Question About Editors?

I’m grateful to each of you who show up, read my posts, and occasionally even leave a comment.  So, in the spirit of National Reading Month, I’m asking my readers “What’s your biggest question about working with an editor?”

  • Are you having trouble figuring out what type of editor you need at this stage of your writing?
  • Do you wonder how the writer/editor relationship works?
  • How does the writer know when it’s time to call in an editor?
  • When was the last time you wondered if it’s any use to do self-editing?

Whatever your question, I encourage you to ask it this week.  You can leave it in a comment, or email me at Suzanne@TransformationalEditor.com.

On March 30, I’ll answer every question I get.  And everyone who leaves a question here, or sends one in an email will receive a copy of my upcoming handbook.  (There’ll be more details on that project very soon.)

Take advantage of this chance to get an answer to your burning questions about finding and working with editors.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.