Writers Battle Diabetes and Win

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m enthusiastic about writers supporting each other.  I see more instances of this everywhere I turn.  And I’ll mention some of them to you at times.

Many of these support efforts come into being because of personal experiences in a writer’s life, or those of friends or family members.  The interest focused on specific charities and health issues through these authors brings greater attention to causes as readers are exposed to foundations and organizations they may not be familiar with.  And that’s good for all of us.

This month, if you’re a writer ready for a professional edit or critique, and you’d like to contribute to a good cause, get yourself over to author Brenda Novak’s 9th Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research.

There are hundreds of valuable items you can bid on while supporting research for a diabetes cure.

Each year, authors, publishers, agents and editors are thrillingly generous in their donations for the auction.  You can bid on a critique of a couple of your chapters from a best-selling author.  Or maybe you’d prefer to meet an editor or agent for dinner and drinks.  Maybe you’re just looking for a complete collection of a series by your favorite author.

If you’re looking for a retreat at which to concentrate on polishing your novel, check out some of the location and lodging choices offered.  Or you might be ready to launch your book, in which case, you’ll want to bid on a query letter, market assessment, or promotion and design item.  Or all of these.

Massive, overflowing gift baskets and bags, autographed books, plotting sessions and consultations with experts, jewelry and quilts crafted by authors, mugs, artwork from award-winning artists, Kindles, Nooks, iMacs – what’s not to like?

All you book readers… don’t despair.  There are so many ARCs, signed copies, and complete collections from dozens of authors you’ll have a hard time choosing where to place your bid.  Why not on all of them?  There’s even a generous Grand Prize for the person placing the most number of bids during the month of May.

I’m not giving you the URL for every item I’ve mentioned.  Go to Brenda’s auction website, browse through the list of fifty categories of auction items, and discover these treasures for yourself.

I’ve got my eye on the 3-Month Cupcake Delivery from Crumbs Bake Shop.  You can’t beat a delicious cupcake enjoyed with a thrilling book, while fighting for a good cause.


Do you know of any charity foundations or organizations created by authors, or instances of writers supporting other writers that you’d like to tell people about?  Share with us in the comments.