Lynne Klippel


“Suzanne Gochenouer is a sensitive and skilled editor. She is very respectful of an author’s voice, words, and message. She recently worked on a project for my publishing company editing a spiritual book. Her edits were sure and her encouraging tone with the first-time author was appreciated. Even better, she completed the project on time and on budget. If you need a professional editor with a clear eye and a gentle touch, call Suzanne!”

~ Lynne Klippel, Business Building Books  LYL_yinyang_Logo_orangeand Love Your Life Publishing







Author Marliss Melton

“The mistakes and inconsistencies Suzanne caught and her attention to detail blew me away so, of course, I roped her into helping out with another project. And boy am I grateful for her input! Without it, I would have waddle-and-daub houses in my medieval book instead of wattle and daub, and I would have knights disbursing instead of dispersing. And that’s only a small sample of what Suzanne sees. Both errors were overlooked by editors from my previous New York publisher. If you are looking to make your manuscript as good as it can get, you will not regret enlisting Suzanne’s services. How I got so lucky as to find her is a mystery to me, but I am immensely grateful!”

Marliss Melton, author, writes about Men of Valor and Women of Strength across the ages




Jeanette MacDonald - cropped“I was in a bit of a push to get a written piece, to go along with my art, for a magazine feature article, done. I was feeling a tiny bit anxious, so I asked for an editor recommendation, in my writing group. This wonderful lady polished my piece and made sure the grammar was correct, and all that not-so-fun technical stuff. What she returned to me, made me feel proud. It was a polished version of my own voice. She never lost me in the editing, but improved my story. I think that’s what editing should be about (my opinion). Thanks, Suzanne!”

~ Jeanette MacDonald, artist, writer, healer




Kristine Adams - 1bB&W“Suzanne’s ability to discern the potential of sub-text and her unerring resolve to communicate the perception of a manuscript’s rhythms shed fresh light on my work. I trust her eye as well as her intent.

Simply put: Suzanne’s a gem. She’s capable of gathering and disseminating critical information from her wide-ranging scholarship—and she’s generous with salient points that enrich the writing life in our region.”

~ Kristine (K.D.) Adams, memoirist, author