Q:  What’s the difference between editing and proofreading?

A:  Good question!  In the editing process, I analyze sentence structure, word use, verb tense and verb agreement, spelling, fact-checking, and punctuation.  I may suggest moving sentences or whole paragraphs, to create better flow, or to clarify your message.  I may ask if you intended the message contained in words or phrases because I’ll be looking at your words as your readers do.  My fresh eye on your work will discover if you’ve said something you weren’t aware of expressing, or will raise questions about why you didn’t say something essential to your purpose.  Editing at this level may lead to rewriting part of your content, so your words shine with clarity, allowing you to attract your perfect clients.


You can hire me to edit or proofread existing web pages, which may lead to rewriting all or part of those pages, so you present your best, professional self to current and prospective clients.


Proofreading is your final chance to fix all those pesky typos, misspellings, punctuation marks in the wrong place, and any small errors introduced in the formatting process before publication.  I will proofread your final draft OR any web pages you create with that content.


It doesn’t matter if you require editing or proofreading, you have pages of content for a program or speech, or you want the best web presence possible.  Each of the above packages provides that service for you, at the level of support you need.



Q:  Can I get an immediate turnaround on my content?

A:  No, but your work will be completed as soon as possible after I receive it.  I don’t want to rush and miss something important in your words.  It’s best if you allow at least a week for the editing process on short stories or blog articles (more for longer content) as well as a few days for me to proofread. 



Q:  If I send my content to you for editing or proofreading, does that mean you have some claim on my work?

A:  Not at all.  These are your words.  I just polish and shine them, so they truly express your message and your personality.


Q:  Will I sign a contract for these services or packages?

A:  Yes.  A contract protects both of us.  We determine the details of your project before we begin working together.  You will clearly understand what I will provide for your project.  We will establish a mutually agreed schedule for major projects, such as book manuscripts or training courses.


Q:  I notice you are a certified ghostwriter.  Can I just have you write the book for me?

A:  Sure.  That’s an option.  If you decide to have me ghostwrite the book of your heart, we will have a conversation about how ghostwriting works, what you will be expected to do to complete the project, what I will deliver, timeline goals, and other issues pertinent to this type of writing.  The fees structure for ghostwriting is different from those of the packages detailed in this document.  I can say, having your book ghostwritten will be a fun process, and easier than you think!