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These resources are valuable components of my writing toolbox.

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Do you mentally edit each book you read? Are you skilled in grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation and looking to upgrade your skills to a marketable level?


Or maybe you’re a writer ready to become proficient at self-editing to make your manuscript as polished as possible before sending it to your professional editor.


The best place to get a start with any project you’re working on is at the development stage. Right now, Jennifer Lawler at Club Ed is offering a spring discount on a bundle of six self-paced Essentials of Developmental Editing. Work on your schedule and at your speed as you hone your skills as a developmental editor.


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This bundle isn’t just for people interested in creating a business around their skills. These classes are golden opportunities for writers to take their writing to another level by understanding how to build foundations that support a great story from the first scene to the last.


Jennifer offers incredible value in the information she packs into her classes. Snatch up this bundle to get six classes for less than purchasing each separately. Take advantage today of the SPRINGTIME coupon to save 25%. Springtime doesn’t last forever.

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Invaluable books for writers *








Gurus to follow online

Advanced Fiction Writing – Randy Ingermanson

The self-styled “Mad Professor of Writing” provides in-depth writing tips and examples of how to make them work.  Randy Ingermanson created the Snowflake Method of writing.


David Farland’s Writing Tips – David Farland/David Wolverton

Author, screenwriter, mentor to highly successful authors.  Check out his website and while you’re there, sign up to receive David’s in-depth writing tips by email.


Funds for Writers – C. Hope Clark

Subscribe to Hope’s mailing list to receive weekly news about publishers looking for manuscripts, lists of writing contests, along with other industry news.  Oh, and read Hope’s books if you want to see how it’s done.



Help When You Need It

You really don’t have to do it all by yourself.  These wheels have already been invented.

Take them for a spin.




Grammarly *

When you forget the rules, can’t remember how to spell, or want a professional touch on your words.  Let this automated system look for and correct 250+ common writing errors.  Use Grammarly for that extra advantage.






Book Design Templates – Joel Friedlander *

Whether you’re looking for resources to learn how to self-publish, templates for book proposals, to format the interior of books, create book covers, launch a book, or compile a media kit, you’ll find it here.  Joel is constantly creating new tools to help writers at every stage of their careers.

Click here to visit Book Design Templates




The Author Website Guy – Nate Hoffelder

I like the power to add to and change my own website, but there are times I have no idea how to do something I want in WordPress.  Such as testing updates to the software, doing backups and storing them, and fixing things that break in the night.  Nate will do only the work that makes you crazy or he’ll do it all, including domain registration and web hosting.  Your choice.

That’s why I signed up for Nate’s Website Concierge and web hosting.  He’s fast, speaks geek at a level I can understand, and worth every penny.