Can’t Beat These Christmas Gifts for Writers—But You Can Win Them

Each year at this time I either share some ideas about gifts for the writer in your life or a story tied to the season.  I’m swamped with projects, so even though there’s a Christmas Elf story running around in my head, there’s been no time to get it on the page.  Yet. Instead of […]

Speaking With Young Writers

This morning I had the honor and pleasure of talking with a group from Mrs. Wendy McClure’s fifth-grade writing class at Meadow Lands Elementary School. Each month she selects not the students who write the best, but those who made the most effort.  Their reward is a special lunch with their teachers and the teaching […]

Discovering New Voices, Young Writers

Today’s post is short and sweet.  I’m busy judging a contest for the work of young writers. I had never heard of the event that has taken place annually since 2006.  But author C. Hope Clark, founder of Funds for Writers, posted on Facebook about the New Voices, Young Writers contest, sponsored by The Electronic Publishing […]

Favorite Websites and e-Newsletters Help Hone Writing Skills

Have you been looking for fresh ideas and tips to hone your writing skills this year?  Where do you find this information? Well, if you’re like me, you subscribe to several newsletters published by authors you admire, or by writers who compile lists of writing tips and tools.  I thought I’d share a handful of […]

12 Questions Writers Should Ask Themselves

Have you given any thought to how you interact with other writers, experienced and inexperienced?  Today’s post grew out of some conversations and situations I’ve been aware of in the past few months.  These questions are food for thought, no matter where we are in our writing careers.  Not just for experienced writers, but also […]

Writers Battle Diabetes and Win

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m enthusiastic about writers supporting each other.  I see more instances of this everywhere I turn.  And I’ll mention some of them to you at times. Many of these support efforts come into being because of personal experiences in a writer’s life, or those of friends or family […]

Calling all Readers and Writers: Book Bomb Today for Seriously Injured Son of Author David Farland

If you are a writer, a reader, an adventurer, a homebody… If you are a father, a mother, a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, a grandparent… If you have experienced a serious health crisis, or know someone who has… If you know what it’s like to stand at the side of a hospital bed, watching the […]