Can’t Beat These Christmas Gifts for Writers—But You Can Win Them

Each year at this time I either share some ideas about gifts for the writer in your life or a story tied to the season.  I’m swamped with projects, so even though there’s a Christmas Elf story running around in my head, there’s been no time to get it on the page.  Yet.

Instead of the story, I decided to select three or four inspiring gift ideas.  But then I received Derek Murphy’s email about his Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways.  What can I say?  Derek’s list is much more fun than the one I had started.  And then there’s the bonus—you can win one of these gifts.  (Yes, you.  There’s no law that says you can’t buy or win a Christmas gift for yourself.  No, really. I checked.)

So hop on over to Derek’s page if you want your chance to open a big box on Christmas morning and pull out

… a Glowing Book Lamp – too cool for school, man

. . . Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox – with your preference of cookies.  You can’t go wrong with any gift that comes with a snack unless you prefer

. . . to affront your friends with literate jabs gleaned from the Shakespearean Insults Book, with a bonus gift of Derek’s Little Book of Intimidations and Ultimatums.

Maybe you could use some Awesome Book-Pillows for those late reading night face plants.

I’m leaning toward the Zombie Guide to English Grammar.  While you’re making your entry for this item, you’re invited to contribute to Derek’s zombie grammar rules.

There are at least three of you out there just dying to win the Inflatable Wizard Hat for Cats and Harry Potter Plushies Collection.  You know who you are.  I saw your pets dressed for Halloween.

And oh, please Santa, bring me a pair of those Heated Gloves that plug into your USB.  My typing speed doubles when the blood reaches my fingertips.  Oh yeah!

I didn’t even know there was a whiskey blend named Writer’s Tears.  Now that I do, I feel a burning need to have a bottle sitting on my sideboard.  Hemingway may drop by for a drink later.  Thankfully, ghosts never drink too much.

If you’re not into the hard stuff, you can take a chance on the Cast Iron Tea Pot Set and Tea.  On special occasions, such as a book sale, you might want to add a sip of Writer’s Tears to that pale brew.

Derek’s all about educating writers, so he’s offering you a chance to win a $150 Voucher at Creative Live.  The winner chooses an online course for creative individuals.

Did you ever want to write like Jack Kerouac, pecking out each letter on an antique typewriter?  Derek has one available.  Get your travel writer hat on and take this baby on the road.

If you want a chance at one of Derek’s courses, enter to win his Book Marketing Course, a $197 value.  You can use your savings to buy more tea–or whiskey.

Maybe your book is ready to be Formatted, but you’re not about to dive into that process on your own.  Win a chance to have it done for you and save your $349 for more whiskey or tea.

Derek’s put a free E-book Cover Design package up for grabs.  Sit back and let a professional create an award-winning design.  Use the $649 you saved to buy a new chair for your office.

If you’re publishing a print version, I know you’ll want to win the Free Full-print Book Cover Design.  That $829 will pay a month’s mortgage in a lot of places.

Are you wondering if you’re ready to publish?  Win Derek’s Author Platform Review and Marketing Plan ($2500) and find out.

This item is going to cause a rush for Derek’s website.  Hold onto your hat and get your entry in for The 2016 Nanowrimo Castle stay ($5000).  Win this chance to hang with Derek during a one month stay in a castle and I’ll be available to carry your bags.

Well, why are you waiting?  Hurry up and enter at CreativIndie. (While you’re there, you can’t lose if you sign up to receive his blog posts each week.)  With at least five ways to enter for each item, someone’s going to be very happy Christmas morning.