Favorite Websites and e-Newsletters Help Hone Writing Skills

Have you been looking for fresh ideas and tips to hone your writing skills this year?  Where do you find this information?

Well, if you’re like me, you subscribe to several newsletters published by authors you admire, or by writers who compile lists of writing tips and tools.  I thought I’d share a handful of my favorite websites and e-newsletters today and see if they’re on your list.



Daily Kick in the Pants:  David Farland, author of more than twenty books in the science fiction genre and two excellent books on writing, offers a half dozen annual workshops, and is a judge for the Writer of the Future contest each year.  Because he’s continually asked for writing advice, he began posting daily writing tips on his website.  David shares his knowledge about the basics of writing in a clear, easy to understand manner.  His roster of students includes authors Stephanie Meyers, Brandon Sanderson, and Dan Wells.  I receive his tips in a much-anticipated daily email.  There have been occasions when one phrase in that day’s email, sent me back to redo whole sections of a story.  And my story has always been better for those changes.

Funds for Writers (free) and Total Funds for Writers ($15 per year) by Hope Clark:  Another source of writing tips by a published author (Lowcountry Bribe and Tidewater Murder).  The best value from this e-newsletter is the list of ongoing writing contests, sources for grants, magazines, publishers, and agents soliciting manuscripts, and lists of paying markets.  Total Funds is an expanded version of Funds for Writers.  I signed up for both, and have found several interesting places to submit my writing.  Some of my entries have been shortlisted in contests I’ve discovered in these e-newsletters.

Larry Brooks:  Larry’s Storyfix newsletter is full of useful information that expands on his books, Story Physics and Story Engineering.  If these books aren’t on your reference shelf, at least sign up to receive his posts.   His writing books are my go-to’s when I get stuck in my WIP, and Larry’s newsletters bring me fresh tidbits of writing expertise every time they arrive in my inbox.  I’m taking advantage of his Story Coaching and Empowerment Adventure this year, and can’t wait to see how he will help me reshape my current novel.



Monday Must-Reads by Yesenia Vargas:  Yesenia creates a roundup of blog posts by writers, about writers, and for writers.  It’s an excellent opportunity to cruise through the most interesting and helpful blog posts from the previous week, from around the web.  I can’t tell you the number of posts and articles I’ve saved for later reference.  Yesenia divides her lists into General Tips, Editing, Publishing, and Writing.  Something for everyone, at every level of writing experience and need.  Full disclosure:  Transformational Editor posts have been featured a few times.  And I’m grateful to be included in such good company.

wordhaus: Emily Wenstrom has created an e-zine for writers and readers.  Every week she publishes a new story, alternating between romance, science fiction/fantasy, and thriller/horror.  So she’s looking for new stories all the time.  If you want your work seen online, here’s a good starting place.  And if you just like a chance to read something new, wordhaus has you covered.  When you sign up, you’ll get each week’s story delivered right to your inbox.


If today’s post generates enough interest, I’ll share some more helpful websites and e-newsletters in March or April.  Do you have a list of favorite e-newsletters and websites that help you develop and polish your writing skills?  Be sure to leave a comment and share with us.  I’ll check them out if I don’t already have them on my list.