A Writer’s Mindset

One of my favorite business mentors, Christine Kane, recently wrote an article about mindset.  She used her life as an example of moving from a fixed to a growth mindset and explained the difference that made between being stuck in expectations and creating success in two businesses that fire her passion.

And that made me think about the writer’s mindset.  Not that of someone who writes only as long as everyone oohs and ahhs over their words.  Not the one employed by the person who lets their first rejection slip drive them from life as a writer.

I’m talking about the writer who sits down day after day and writes.  The one who learns something from each rejection.  Who listens to honest critiques and rewrites until no one can find anything that needs to change.

That’s the writer who keeps writing while his first book sits at two million and something on Amazon’s list because he believes once readers discover his talent they’ll buy that book and any others he writes.

It’s also the mindset of the writer who studies the craft of writing even after she reaches bestseller status.  The one who looks for ways to improve with each book.  The writer who wants to deliver true value to her fans.

The mindset those writers employ is one of growth.  They’re always searching for a new approach to storytelling, polishing their craft, and growing in passion for the career they love.

Without the growth mindset as a writer, you might just as well keep Xeroxing copies of the first story you ever wrote.  Because you’ll be writing the same thing again and again.

We’re heading into a new year soon.  One in which we can choose a new attitude to shape new writing.  Why not decide to grow, and to set your mind to be the best writer possible?  And why wait to create that intention?  Every day is a new chance to choose a growth mindset for success.


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