Give Thanks to be a Writer

There’s only one day each year marked on the calendar for giving thanks.

How about we spend a few hours appreciating the wonderful opportunities writing brings to our lives?

All who take pen in hand, or set fingers to keyboard, have something to celebrate.

Not everyone has been blessed with the itch of inspiration that drives us to write.

Kick back and enjoy a huge, delicious meal in celebration.

Secretly take notes for a character you’ll loosely base on Uncle Mervin.

Gauge the emotions zapping between your divorced cousin and his ex, who your grandmother insisted on inviting – you’ll recreate them in print one day.

Ingest massive slices of pumpkin pie while hiding in the spare bedroom frantically scribbling the horror story that crept into your brain while Dad carved the turkey.

Very few people lead such exciting lives, engaging villains in sweeping, clanging carving-knife combat, while the relatives nap, unaware, in every convenient spot throughout the house.

In time, they’ll all wake and head for the table once again.

No one will ever discover what happened to the rest of the eggnog and the last three pies.

Guess it takes a lot of fuel to write on Thanksgiving Day.