Home Again

It’s been too long since I’ve posted here.  You know how it starts.  Some problem crops up that absorbs your attention for a while, and then it is so hard to get back to what you should be doing.

For me, it started when my internet provider managed to turn off my service.  Nearly every day for a month I talked to customer service, pleading with them to get the problem fixed. We went around and around in circles for an hour or longer, each time. 

Finally, I felt I couldn’t trust their service even if they should manage to turn it on again.  So, I went searching for another provider.  Within three days I had new service and was ready to go.

But do you know what happened in that month and a few days that I was offline?  All those sneaky mental demons had plenty of time to whisper in my ear.


“Who even misses you?  Do you really think anyone notices you’re not posting?  I doubt you have anything to say that anyone wants to hear.”


On and on they whispered.  And it was so easy to find a million other things to work on instead of posting.  Because, surely, those mental demons were right.  Every writer knows these demons personally.  What matters in the end is that you have something to say.  Is it perfect?  Is it beautiful, transforming, thought provoking?  Maybe not.  Nevertheless, it is yours to say.  Finally, you step past those demons of fear and declare, “I am a writer.  These are my thoughts, feelings, ideas… this is who I am.”

I do have something to say.  There may be no one reading this, and that’s all right.  But I’m back.  If you’re here because you’re a writer, desire to be a writer or you love to read, welcome!  Grab your coffee or cocoa – it is heading into winter weather, after all – and come back often.  Let’s talk about the good, bad and ugly of writing.