Make Mine a Writing Holiday

I seem to be in the spirit of the long, slow weekend—already.  Last night I finished my comments for a Beta read of a friend’s novel at 0230.  Yes, I was supposed to be writing and posting to my own blog yesterday.  But I was in the flow and wanted to get my comments to her somewhere in the vicinity of her deadline.

I’d read the novel a couple weeks ago, made some notes to myself on my printed copy, and intended to transfer those notes to the Word version right away.  But it’s becoming clear that I’ve been on the edge of overbooking myself in the last few months.  I’ve been taking on new projects in writing and editing, while attempting to complete or start large personal projects numbering in the double digits.  From now on, I plan to complete and submit my comments as soon as I finish reading.

So, as you can see, I didn’t write my post yesterday.  And this morning, it was such a beautiful day that I knew I had to do errands in town before summer’s humidity crashes back into our area.

I’m now the proud owner of two gallons of paint and primer, a refrigerator full of local veggies and fruit, and of course, a couple of new books.

But the day is waning, and I still feel the pull of a lazy weekend coming up.  I want to begin writing something just for myself.  And I want to start now.  That way I’ll have the whole weekend to hide away and write.  This coming week, I plan to gather experiences and impressions for my next burst of creativity.  Which I know will be arriving on Monday morning.  (I like to plan those bursts of inspiration, don’t you?)

So, here’s my hope for your weekend.  I hope the weather is fair, your grill hot and filled with mouthwatering treats, your nights lit by an extravaganza of brilliant colors across the skies.  I hope your families are safe and happy, your gatherings joyful and meaningful.

I hope you remember, for just one moment on Friday, why we celebrate the day.

Oh yeah, if I see you in the news your holiday celebration may end up in my story.  Just saying.

Happy 4th of July!