Where Do Your Characters Draw the Strength to Take Action?

After seeing how our characters’ body awareness reflects who they are, and what their Inner Critics whisper in their ears, we analyzed how their fears force them to take action.  Now we need to understand how and where our characters draw strength to accomplish those actions. Once they acknowledge fear, it becomes something to overcome.  […]

Fear Forces Your Characters to Make Choices

Have you been working with your characters as we’ve analyzed different aspects of what makes them come alive on the page?  I hope you discovered intriguing possibilities for torturing and rewarding the people populating your latest manuscript. In the first week, you learned how to use body awareness to flesh out your characters.  Then we […]

Declare Your Independence

Hooray!  I’ve finally declared my independence from the high-priced internet provider that continually throttled down my access speed to less than 100kbps and then sent me notices that I was exceeding my monthly allocation of bandwidth. I worried I wouldn’t find any other high-speed service in this rural area, so for longer than I should […]