Third Wednesday – Meditation Won’t Mediate this Problem

Today’s example of misused words comes from a magazine article I recently read.  The meanings of the two words are in no way similar to each other, though I do believe a little personal meditation before jumping into a dispute might alleviate the need for mediation.

“The principals in the case were sure it would go to trial.  Even the lawyers thought the prospect of meditation was out of the question.”


MEDITATION – the act of prolonged deep thought, usually a solemn reflection on sacred matters or a devotional act.

The monks at the abbey continued their meditation for hours past my ability to sit silently.

With one ear turned to waiting for the timer, Sheila could never really reach deep meditation.

If you allow your thoughts to stop long enough, meditation can be a healing and calming process. 


MEDIATION – friendly or diplomatic intervention in disputes between persons, corporations, or nations, usually invited or by mutual consent.

Many contracts between individuals and internet service providers stipulate mediation for problems arising between client and company.

Harold hoped his mediation in the matter would prevent a fist fight behind the school that afternoon.

Everyone hopes the new Secretary of Defense will be skilled at mediation.


Here’s another look at Meditation and Mediation.


If the school bully doesn’t respond to meditation, the principal will have no choice except to expel him.

Meditation is the best tool the baseball commissioner had when it came to players wanting to strike against the ruling to wear sequined uniforms.

Mediation will create a pattern of slow breathing and a stronger heartbeat if practiced regularly.

In mediation, the object is to allow the mind to become completely blank.


Proper meditation practices require a level of skill, and patience with oneself.

While in deep meditation, Sheila didn’t notice the spider dropping a web in front of her face.

The people in the class action suit decided to allow their lawyers to mediate a resolution, rather than taking the case to court.

Mediation didn’t work between France and Germany during the First World War.

Now, while mediation could lead to meditation about the wrongs of the world, let’s keep it in the field of solving problems for today’s lesson.


How can you use these words in one sentence each day for a week, in order to lock their meaning into your memory banks?