13 Classics Re-Imagined: Noble Beast Roars Again

It was back in April and May of 2012 that I wrote a couple of blog posts about the Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus multi-channel publishing project from Noble Beast, which was seeking financial backing through Kickstarter.

You may remember that campaign was a huge success.  Noble Beast creator, Richard Monson-Haefel, just completed delivery of that novel, formatted for the Web, eReaders (Kindle, Sony, iBooks), audio players, tablets, and print.  With scarcely a breath to rest, he’s already at it again.

Monson-Haefel has lined up a dream team of thirty authors and illustrators ready to shake up your concept of thirteen classic stories.  And once they’ve hooked you, they’re going to throw in two bonus titles.

I’ve had a peek at the titles undergoing renovation and I’m eager to see what direction this creative team takes with each one.  There’s nothing so invigorating as taking an item everyone’s familiar with, dusting it off, lavishing it with a new coat of paint, and sharing the new creation with family and friends.

How about The Jungle Book: Shapeshifters?  Or maybe you love the comic book heroes and you’re pumped for The Invisible Man at the Island of Dr. Moreau.  And how can you resist Moby Dick in Space?  (For a complete list of titles in this project, head on over to the Noble Beast Classics Kickstarter campaign page.)

Without imagination, and curiosity on the part of readers and writers, the world of words would be a very dull place.  Or, gasp!  What if it ceased to exist when we began to believe that no one is allowed to play with a “used” idea?

For myself, I’m ready to dive into these new interpretations of books I’ve loved from childhood.  I want to learn what the characters look like, and how they behave after being filtered through and nourished by the imaginative brains of a new era of writers.  I’m open to new perspectives and infinite possibilities.

You can get in on the excitement of new thought and creative expression.  Go on over to the new Noble Beast Classics Kickstarter campaign and get in on the ground floor of this project.  There are multiple levels of participation, each with enticing rewards to honor your support for the development of this project.

But you’d better hurry – only 17 days to go!


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