wordhaus – New Short Story eZine Ready to Launch!

You may remember my posts, back in June, about the upcoming new ezine, wordhaus.  Publisher, and blogger, Emily Wenstrom realized that many sources for short stories were available only to the small community of short story writers.  Her personal desire for a constant supply of short stories in the genres of romance, mystery/thriller, and sci-fi/fantasy created a question she mulled for some time.

Why not create a digital home for short stories, and make it accessible to everyone, all the time?  Emily’s solution is an ezine that makes a growing collection of short stories as portable as your favorite technology.

Finally, after months of hard work on her part, the official launch of wordhaus is only weeks away.  The first stories will be online Wednesday, January 2, 2013.  In celebration and preparation for the big day, Emily invites readers and writers to share how they fell in love with story, either on your blog, or on the wordhaus website.



wordhaus, a new short story zine, is celebrating its coming January launch by inviting people to share their stories of how they fell in love with story. Here’s mine!  

I can’t remember a time I haven’t had a pile of books within easy reach since I first read “See Jane run.”  My father was the major reader in our family, although my mother would certainly have read more had she had time.  Every week, Dad would take my sisters and me to the public library.  I read my way from one end of the shelves to the next, devouring the complete works of Shakespeare before entering high school, reading every annual compilation of Broadway plays, mysteries, westerns (oh yeah, a huge Zane Grey fan here), and just about everything else I could get my hands on.  I would find a new series of stories, start at the first book and read my way to the current book in a matter of weeks.  Staggering out the library doors with as many books as I could carry, I was already planning my reading list for our next visit. 

Words are movies and music in my mind.  Words open new worlds to me, and reveal old worlds.  Words introduce me to heroes I hope to emulate, and villains I hope to understand.  Words are my escape and my joy.   Words have transformed every aspect of my life.

Much like Emily’s family, my own family can’t talk about walking to the mailbox and waving to the neighbor without telling a dozen mini-stories within the larger one.  Those stories remind us of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we hope to go.  So how can I not transfer my love of words to the art of writing those words myself?

Whatever your addiction or calling, whether it be as reader or writer, wordhaus will feed your need for the written word.  But the best part of it is that there will be new stories next time you visit.  New writers to discover.

And writers, you have the best of both worlds in this ezine.  You not only have the opportunity to keep up with fresh stories by fellow writers, but Emily invites – nay, encourages you – to submit your own stories for publication.  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to wordhaus on January 2, and read or write your way to satiation.



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    1. Hi Emily. I think of the library not only as a repository of knowledge, entertainment and sharing, but as a community for and of people interested in expanding their horizons and charting new worlds – real and imaginary. It’s not for nothing that the libraries of Alexandria and Pergamum are still remembered. Long live libraries!

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