You Know Them When You See Their Research

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  That’s because I’m gearing up to finish a couple of writing projects before the end of 2017.  It feels so good to be back in the flow again.  And I thought I’d drop in to ask a question.

Do you know the difference between a writer and a psychopath?  Don’t listen to me just because I’m the woman sitting at the keyboard, wearing the “I’m a writer, not a serial killer, despite what my search history may lead you to believe” t-shirt.

In her recent post, Kristen Lamb explains so much more than a single garment can ever express.  I especially relate to Points #1 and #6.

My writing group gets seated in the deepest corner when we meet at our favorite restaurant.  Maybe it’s the conversation revolving around the best way to poison someone without detection, or how bloody someone would be after receiving a beating in an alley.  Perhaps it’s when we move into the territory of Point #11 and talk body parts—attached or otherwise.  Or it could be we just look like the crazed writers we are.  Okay, full disclosure.  I’m the only caffeine-crazed one writing the bloody stuff.  But we do have to discuss it to critique, don’t we?

But, as I said, if you don’t know the warning signs, Kristen’s post explains in depth how to distinguish writers from serial killers, creepy clowns, and other psychopaths.  Or maybe it makes too many connections for your comfort.  What do you think?  Better yet, what’s your family and friends’ reactions when you tell them what you’ve been researching for your latest book?  What’s in your search history?