Savor the Possibilities

Yesterday was Infinite Possibilities Day.


I love that word.  Possibilities.  In fact, it may be my favorite word.  


Doesn’t it just sing of magical unknown treasures and adventure as it rolls off the tongue?


I picture each day as a vast space filled with boxes of all sizes and shapes.  Some are wrapped in beautiful paper and adorned with flowing bows of ribbon.  Others sport brown wrapping paper and countless, messy pieces of tape.


No matter how they show up, I know there’s something new, exciting, and inspiring in each.  How do I choose which to open?  Must I choose only one?


That’s a decision I can make each new day.  The only thing required of me is to be open to whatever I find within the box(es) I select.  Allowing that flexibility means I may decide to create something unexpected or to go in a thrilling new direction with my work in progress.  And occasionally, the opportunity presented is breathtaking in the scope of where it takes me and how I learn and grow from it.


What was the last possibility you explored?  Where did it take you in your story?  What was the lesson for your writing career?


Are you open to infinite possibilities today?


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